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Nearest Places

iPhone / iPad
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We don't need to ask anybody for nearest place anywhere in world"

Nearest Place app Help you to quickly find out Name,Address & Distance of Place Nearest to you 

You can find the place BY:
=> Current Position,
=> City name & Place type,

You can see :
=> List of place & pin on map,
=>Name & Address of Place,
=>Walking & Driving time & distance from Current Location
=>Route from Current location to particular Place,

Nearest Place app is very easy to use & find place neatest to you,it will help find Following Places

1.Nearest Accounting,
2.Nearest Airport,
3.Nearest Amusement park,
4.Nearest Aquarium,
5.Nearest Art gallery,
6.Nearest ATM,
7.Nearest Bakery,
8.Nearest Bank,
9.Nearest Bar,
10.Nearest Beauty salon,
11.Nearest Bicycle store,
12.Nearest Book store,
13.Nearest Bowling alley,
14.Nearest Bus station,
15.Nearest Cafe,
16.Nearest Campground,
17.Nearest Car dealer,
18.Nearest Car rental,
19.Nearest Car repair,
20.Nearest Car wash,
21.Nearest Casino,
22.Nearest Cemetery,
23.Nearest Church,
24.Nearest City hall,
25.Nearest Clothing store,
26.Nearest Convenience store,
27.Nearest Courthouse,
28.Nearest Dentist,
29.Nearest Department store,
30.Nearest Doctor,
31.Nearest Electrician,
32.Nearest Electronics store,
33.Nearest Embassy,
34.Nearest Establishment,
35.Nearest Finance,
36.Nearest Fire station,
37.Nearest Florist,
38.Nearest Food,
39.Nearest Funeral home,
40.Nearest Furniture store,
41.Nearest Gas station,
42.Nearest General contractor,
43.Nearest Grocery or supermarket,
44.Nearest Gym,
45.Nearest Hair care,
46.Nearest Hardware store,
47.Nearest Health,
48.Nearest Hindu temple,
49.Nearest Home goods store,
50.Nearest Hospital,
51.Nearest Insurance agency,
52.Nearest Jewelry store,
53.Nearest Laundry,
54.Nearest lawyer,
55.Nearest Library,
56.Nearest Liquor store,
57.Nearest Local government office,
58.Nearest Locksmith,
59.Nearest Lodging,
60.Nearest Meal delivery,
61.Nearest Meal takeaway,
62.Nearest Mosque,
63.Nearest Movie rental,
64.Nearest Movie theater,
65.Nearest Moving company,
66.Nearest Museum,
67.Nearest Night club,
68.Nearest Painter,
69.Nearest Park,
70.Nearest Parking,
71.Nearest Pet store,
72.Nearest Pharmacy,
73.Nearest Physiotherapist,
74.Nearest Place of worship,
75.Nearest Plumber,
76.Nearest Police,
77.Nearest Post office,
78.Nearest Real estate agency,
79.Nearest Restaurant,
80.Nearest Roofing contractor,
81.Nearest Rv park,
82.Nearest School,
83.Nearest Shoe store,
84.Nearest Shopping mall,
85.Nearest Spa,Nearest Stadium,
86.Nearest Storage,
87.Nearest Store,
88.Nearest Subway station,
89.Nearest Synagogue,
90.Nearest Taxi stand,
91.Nearest Train station,
92.Nearest Travel agency,
93.Nearest University,
94.Nearest Veterinary care,
95.Nearest Zoo