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All for Nuts

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Arcade
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The game might seem very simple and good natured but this is only the first impression. Actually, the game has a very dramatic plot telling about the incredible adventures of Jackie The Walnut who unwittingly became a superhero spreading goodwill and calm around the forest.

The story started when Jackie was still tiny. His parents kept warning him that he and his friends shouldn’t play near the old black tree. And that most of all, he should never go near the Sinister Hollow. In the Sinister Hollow, there lived a Sinister Squirrel who loved eating walnuts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The squirrel rarely left the tree but when she did, the magic forest shuddered from the fright, destruction, and the sight of the victims. All the walnuts in the magic forest knew about this but couldn’t do anything because they were all scared of the Evil Squirrel.

One day, while Jackie was playing at the other end of the forest, the moment came when the Sinister Squirrel emerged from her hollow and kidnapped all the walnuts in the magic forest, including Jackie, his friends, and his family. Jackie decided to ignore the fear and uncertainty and to go search for his friends. He’s not afraid even of the uneven fight he will have to engage in on the way to saving his family. On his way, the brave little walnut will encounter many difficulties, dangers, and puzzles. But he shouldn’t be afraid because this is just the right time to go!