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A trip to the Renaissance and Baroque periods, accompanied by the Spanish poet and playwright of the Golden Age
Luis de Góngora y Argote
XVI-XVII centuries. Cordova

Córdoba Cultural City.
Cities Córdoba City.

Through this thematic route and interactive with GPS.

Cordoba Museum Open Europe's largest.

Culture Tourism Service applied to new knowledge technologies.

The Historic Center of Cordoba is one of the largest old cities of Europe.

Besides visiting the Mosque, Medina Azahara, Jewry, Patios and other monuments, with these Thematic Routes want you dive into the past and the history of Cordoba, accompanied at all times on these routes by the most known and important of these times.

Discover a city that comes to life from the past.
Performing Thematic Routes GPS guided.
Knowing the true meaning of their heritage.
Revealing thoughts, ideas and events that happened.
Soaking in environments and situations that will never be repeated.
Browse squares, streets and monuments.
Enjoy a trip to other civilizations.
A challenge in the dissemination of Tourism and Cultural Heritage.
Thanks to a solid, rigorous historical research communicated differently.

Because Innova allows immersion in the past from the present through:
Sound effects.
GPS locator.
Infographics 3D.
Reservoir Reconstruction and Spaces.
Voiceovers interpreted.
Animated images.
Photos, videos and text.

Through Benchmark +, during the route if you want you can find and learn the origins of Gastronomy, Art Leather, pottery, jewelry, etc. as well as the manufacture of many products still remain present in our daily lives and making up the Past, Present and Future of Córdoba.

For supposed Versatility, Freedom and Adaptability.
At any time of day or night.
Passport to the past five thematic routes through the historic center and in five languages.
Stroll Córdoba like a museum.
5 Thematic Routes in your hands in 5 languages.

This APP can download Route 4.
In other APP can continue immersing yourself in the history of Cordoba downloading the other routes:
Route 1 - Get in the Roman Cordoba
Century A.D. / Lucio Seneca.
Route 2 - Córdoba Capital of Al-Andalus
Century VII - XII / Ibn Hazn
Route 3 - Discover life in the late Middle Ages. Merchants, clerics and Jews
XIII Century - XV / Maimonides.
Route 4 - A trip to the Renaissance and Baroque. Palacios, Squares and Comedies
Century XVI - XVIII / Gongora.
Route 5 - Córdoba Imagined
Siglo XIX - XX. / Julio Romero de Torres.

All this work has been developed by a large team of professional historians, Planning, Research and Documentation and Historical Chart. Heritage Interpretation. Content Production, infograf, Graphic and Animation, and Computer Dictionaries.

Thereby achieving a unique and unrepeatable in the history of Cordoba.

The itinerary of this route is estimated at 1 h. and 30 minutes, this route will take us through the streets of Cordoba immersing the Past in its history. Enjoy walking through one of the most beautiful cities of the world and history.

Note: You need to bring the iPhone headphones for interpretations and utterances are heard at the highest quality, but not required since the speakers through our iPhone can also enjoy it.

Córdoba Cultural City three CCC.
Cities Córdoba City.