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The EDWARDS HEART MASTER app is a state-of-the art educational service intended for physicians and medical students involved in the treatment of heart valve disease.

In this edition, dedicated to AORTIC STENOSIS, the user will experience a unique full 3D immersion in the heart anatomy, as well as pathophysiology and treatment of aortic valve stenosis.

With HEART MASTER (iPad only) you can now draw and write directly on the 3D animated content, store notes within your picture gallery, and share easily with your peers.

The intuitive interface allows the user to appreciate each anatomical detail, disease status and surgical technique which is described with a high level of technical accuracy.

The ANATOMY chapter provides animated contents about the aortic valve structures, ascending aorta, left ventricle, conduction system and their relationship to the mitral valve.

The PATHOPHYSIOLOGY section features a detailed step-by-step approach which allows clear understanding of the evolution of aortic valve stenosis including progressive leaflet calcification, valve narrowing, blood flow velocity and hypertrophy of the left ventricle.

A detailed 3D animation provides detailed technical information on the cardiac cycle, the natural progression of aortic stenosis and its implications which result in common patient symptoms.

The SURGERY chapter describes the most common surgical steps necessary for the replacement of a severely calcified aortic valve with a prosthetic valve. It features sternotomy and aortotomy techniques, as well as aortic valve excision and correct implant techniques for an aortic valve replacement.