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Jazz Harmony

iPhone / iPad
  • Music
  • Education
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A professional application for jazz and pop musicians as well as for all music students.
An excellent method to learn chord notes without your instrument. In a train, on a plane or while you are waiting in a line, you can exercise on the notes composing a dominant chord or on the chords in a II V I progression.

This application is based upon a matrix where the diagonal notes are always suggested. You have then to guess what notes are missing in a chord or what chords are missing in a predefined progression. Once you finished you can ask for the next matrix and keep exercising.
It's a notebook that you use for chords or progression workouts:

INTERVALS: select an interval from the list and guess the missing notes. All matrixes should be read from bottom to top, like on a music sheet.

CHORDS: choose one chord type and then guess the missing notes. The more you exercise the more you internalise the chord structure.

CHORD PROGRESSION: select the progression you want to workout or you may define your own progression.
Each Interval or Chord matrix should be read vertically from bottom to top, like when you read a music sheet.

It can be solved by selecting one by one each empty cell; if the answer is right the cell frame turns green, if wrong it turns red. The matrix can also be solved in mind: once you have figured out the solution, press the SHOW SOLUTION key to see the answer.
In case of CHORD PROGRESSION the matrix should be solved horizontally, like when you read a lead sheet; the rest remains the same.
You can also choose the diagonal notes or chords through which the App will loop. That is in order to focus the exercise on the chords or on the progression tones you want to work out.