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The Grid - Contacts

iPhone / iPad
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Redefine how you interact with your contacts.

Built from the ground up to be quickest way for you to access your contact information. 'The Grid' refines how you interact by showing you more contacts on the screen, by filtering to remove the contacts that you shouldn't be navigating around, and by letting you assign and utilize groups with very little effort.

---- features ----

✓ Advanced contact photo grid with zooming.
✓ Filter by group and/or letter.
✓ Call, email or text the contact with the quick interaction list.
✓ Group management to add and remove groups from contacts.
✓ Text or email a whole group of contacts.

✓ Optimized for startup speed.
✓ Retina and iPhone5 display support
✓ Customize with 5 color choices.

---- a few things you should know ----

✓ You can shake the app to cause a contact reload.

✓ If you attempt to add a group to a contact that is not allowed to have groups(Facebook), the app will attempt to add a local linked version of the contact to add the group to.

✓ The sorting and display format use the "Display Order" and "Sort Order" settings under contacts in the main settings app.

✓ Group messaging might not work if you have some contacts with iPhone and some without unless you turn off iMessage (and MMS?) in settings...

---- technical support / reviews ----

Note: Exchange sync users will not be able to manipulate groups in our App.

Please email us with feature suggestions, bug reports, or you can't figure something out instead of using the reviews if you are rating low, its not good practice to get what you want. Or find us on Twitter: @birdsoft.

We address most problems reported right away if they really are problems and will help you find a solution.

If you like the app and it works fine for you and/or we worked to get in the features you requested please leave a review to let people know.

---- for you? ----

If you have thousands upon thousands of contacts, well then consider that performance for every contact app is going to suffer?

If you don't have very many photos attached to your contacts, then you should really consider whether you should buy a photo grid based contact app?

And if you like to buy apps just to give bad reviews, may we suggest a few other possibilities over this?

Not saying that this app won't work well for any of the 3 types of people above, just some things to consider...


Share the app socially from within the app to unlock more color theme choices.