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My AAC is the first app on augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) of Cantonese. It provides a glaring solution to individuals who have difficulties in verbal communication caused by congenital problems such as autism, developmental delay and/or disabilities, cerebral palsy, or acquired conditions including aphasia caused by traumatic brain injury, or cardiovascular accident, etc.

My AAC is the first app for the Chinese-speaking population. It includes custom-made content for Chinese population that can be readily used. Adapting the unique Chinese culture and language, My AAC encompasses a library of over 200 pictures and genuine natural voices, that are sufficient for simple daily communication purposes.

My AAC consists of three communication boards, which can be assessed easily with a swipe – by making use of a striking feature for an AAC app. Each 8-grid communication board can be assigned with a specific topic. Users can easily customize their own 8-grid communication board with unique images, audio files and texts that match with their own daily needs and individual style. Images can be chosen from the photo library or taken by the built-in camera. Users can also record the corresponding audio files.

This version of MY AAC comes with three overlays this simple design is chosen to enable educators / caregivers to select pictures for users who have limited communication abilities.

English version of My AAC is also available.