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The most powerful and complete calculator ever builded for a mobile device. Financial, Business and Scientific professional tools builded around a full simulation of the famous and widely used 12C calculator.
All the functions of the real calculator plus a extensive set of settings and calculations aids to help in many common finance, business and scientific problems.
Build exclusively to take full advantage of the iPad's big screen, including the New iPad retina display resolution, with astonishing graphics to improve the user experience and usability.
Touching the OPT key or the Logo, the calculator expands showing the added features selection menu and shows three views with the current stack, financial and memory registers content.

Operational features:
- Selectable Reverse-Polish-Notation (RPN) or Algebraic (ALG) input logic.
- Selectable calculator skin, Platinum or Classic.
- Selectable calculator layout, Portrait or Landscape (original layout).
- Selectable comma or dot for decimal & thousand separators.
- Orientation awareness with locking.
- Sound effects feedbacks with volume adjustment.
- Selectable CLX or DEL key.
- "f" and "g" functions labels highlighting.
- Programmable up to 1000 program lines.
- 100 Memory registers, 20 for STO or RCL and 80 additional for Cash Flows.
- Backup and Restore of the User files and solver equations.
- Continuous memory.
- Copy & Paste enabled.
- Extensive help system with examples.

Calculation added tools:

-SOLVER: Shows up a powerful tool to enter, edit and solve arbitrary equations. Each variable can be calculated knowing the others.

-Amortization Table: Shows up the complete Amortization schedule of a loan according to the values stored in the “n”, “PV” and “PMT” financial registers and the payment mode (“BEG” or “END”) setting.

-Credit Line Account: Shows a tool to manage free date based cash flows and interest rates like in a family loan or a bank credit line.

-Bond Calculation: Shows Bond calculation tool with Annual or Semi-annual bonds with Actual or 360 days calendars.

-Black-Scholes Option Valuation Model: Shows the Black-Scholes Option Valuation Model tool to calculate the value of a CALL and PUT options.

-Cash Flows: Shows up a tool to edit and calculate regular or variable interval cash flows entries in a independent list.

-Statistics and Curve Fitting: Shows up a tool to edit and calculate statistic data including four common Curve-Fitting models.

-Programs: Shows up a tool useful to edit and debug programs that allows to execute one line at a time with "Undo".

-Scientific Functions: Shows up a extended set of math and scientific functions, including trigonometric, hyperbolic, combinations, permutations, angular conversions, etc...

-Currency Exchange: Shows a tool to convert a currency amount in any other currency. The rate between the currencies can be updated “on-Line” or entered manually.

-Unit Conversions: Shows up a tool to convert or edit among different physical units grouped in categories.

-Percentages & Interest Conversion: Shows up a tool to calculate five type of problems. The Bill-Tip-Total-Split; the Price-Cost-Margin & Markup; the Percent Change; the Percent of Total; and interest conversion problems.

System requirements: iPad with iOS 8.0 or above.