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Recipe Bank

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Food & Drink
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Recipe bank is the powerful new app which lets you create and share all your favourite recipes with friends and family using your mobile.

••• PLEASE NOTE: We've found a second bug in the code! When you export your recipe bank the program is set to remove it from the phone. It then gets replaced by the default database - so all the recipes will disappear! If this happens don't panic... Just make a backup of the exported file as we are working on import features for the new version. The alternative solution is simply not to do an export until just before you update - that way you will be able to import your recipes back in after the update has been installed. Time4 apologises for this bug if it has caused any problems - the update should be ready by the end of November •••

Points Of Review:
by Lilly4543336 - Version V1.0 - Oct 25, 2012

Hi Lilly - We're sad to hear you didn't enjoy the app in it's current form. I'm not sure how we are to approach the issue of the app being 'vague', but we'll be considering your points during the update process and review the app ourselves to see where improvements can be made.

Point taken regarding contrast issues on the screen, thanks for the feedback. You are incorrect in stating this is a publish-to-server app, as it is actually publishing the data locally to a main file. Have you tried Options/Manage Current Database - to edit your recipe bank? This is where the add recipe option is. We're considering adding a navigation shortcut for this feature. Update is due, but resources are stretched on another project at the moment so it might be a couple of weeks to wait. Regards, Time4 Team.

If you would like to help us improve the app further please email the feedback team:


Be one of the first to try it - build up your own database of recipes and easily search for the ones you need using the fast and friendly interface.

The recipe bank search facility lets you search for recipes by keyword or ingredients - say, for example, you need a recipe which uses eggs and watercress. It lists results based on relevance, so finding your recipes is easy!

Opening any recipe gives you a customised shopping list of ingredients and then let's you view the steps of the cooking process.

The recipe database can be edited and updated right from your phone - so you can add or modify recipes on the move if you have to!

The recipe bank interface is designed to incorporate finger swipes which make reading and searching recipes as intuitive as ever! Why not give it a try now...

Version 1.0 - why not tell us about any bugs you find?

Many, many more features to come...

FREE for a limited time only!!

Additional note: there is a fault with the timer function on the process page. The program tends to hang when you try to activate it. We've located the source of the bug and this will be addressed in the next update due out in the next few weeks.


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