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What's up? Aliens!

iPhone / iPad
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Touch and swipe the aliens invading Earth!

“What's up? Aliens!” lets you collect 32 types of aliens! No registration or confusing controls! Download it for free today!

“What's up? Aliens!” is the sequel to the zombie collecting game “What's up? Zombies!” that we know you’re addicted to! This time aliens are invading the Earth, and it’s up to you to touch and swipe them away!

Earth is home to many aliens, you just haven’t been aware of it...

In “What's up? Aliens!” the President has ordered you to attract aliens to Earth so that you can touch and swipe them away until you’ve captured them all!
Rotate the Earth to find the aliens and use a variety of weapons including wrenches, bats, vacuums, and even cars to attack them! It just feels so good!

Playing the game is easy!
1. Use the spotlight to illuminate the Earth
2. Wait for aliens to show up in their UFOs
3. Touch and swipe the invading aliens to attack them
4. Capture the aliens to add them to your Alien Files

That’s all there is to it!
Illuminating the Earth will attract 30 aliens in an hour. You can adjust the duration of the invasion with the number of times you use the spotlight.
Be careful! If you let an alien roam freely, they will take control of a human and brainwash them. Make sure to rotate the planet so that you find and capture all of the aliens!

You can purchase and level up your items with the points you earn from capturing the aliens.
Some items make the aliens arrive faster, some will induce rare aliens to appear, and others will make it harder for them to brainwash humans. Make sure to use the items effectively to help you capture every type of alien!

There are a total of 32 types of aliens. Some are normal, some are chubby, some are plants, and some are sushi!

There are a total of 16 weapons at your disposal. Bats, wrenches, vacuums, cars, and many other crazy weapons await!
At first you’ll only have a wrench, but you’ll earn better weapons as you capture more aliens.

Captured aliens are logged in your Alien Files, where you can observe them by rotating them 360 degrees. I know all you alien fanatics can’t wait to check it out!
Leveling up and gaining new weapons will trigger the appearance of new types of aliens, so keep attracting them to Earth and use various weapons to capture them!
Using various weapons and capturing a variety of aliens will also earn you trophies. The trophies will increase in rank as you use more weapons and capture a larger assortment of aliens.
Collect all of the aliens and earn all of the trophies!

[[What's up? Aliens! Features]]
* No registration required, and completely free to play!
* Awesome effects and controls to make attacking those aliens feel great!
* A 3D futuristic Earth filled with weirdly lovable aliens!

Download “What's up? Aliens!” today!

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