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iGrowth Chart Head Circumference HD

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From the developer of successful apps like '40 Weeks Of Pregnancy', 'Pregnancy to Baby's Toddlerhood(Parent's Guide), here is our latest app 'iGrowth Chart Head Circumference HD', developed to help new parents know their baby's head circumference percentile based on WHO standards.

iGrowth Chart Head Circumference HD, by JRJA Software Solutions, is our 120th app on the App Store. It's mainly designed to track your baby's head circumference on a daily basis throughout the 24 months and plot your baby's personalized growth charts (length vs age and length percentile vs age) . It tracks it from your baby's birth date all the way till your baby turns 2 years old. This app uses advanced concepts like core data and quartz core frameworks to store your baby's personal data and plot a graph using the stored data on your iPad to give you a better view of your baby's growth over time.

Main highlights of this app include:
1. Ability to store/view/delete your baby's personal info
2. Depending on boy/girl, changes colors
3. Customized for your baby
4. Ability to track head circumference everyday
5. Can handle lengths in inches or cms
6. Plots visual graph of your baby's percentile from baby's birth date till 24 months
7. Plots visual graph of your baby's head circumference from start date by extracting data from local database on iPad
8. Ability to zoom in or zoom out to see the graph according to your convenience
9. Ability to swipe the graph left or right to view history/ current data
10. You can view head circumference chart and head circumference percentile graph for '1 week', '1 month', '6 months', '1 year' and '2 years' to help you understand how your baby is gaining length based on WHO standards
11. You can use it again for next baby by deleting all the stored data.
12. Unbelievable price of 0.99 cents

Compatible with iOS 4.3 to iOS 6.0 on iPad