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PsychroMoist performs high-precision calculations of thermodynamic properties of moist air. It implements the latest mathematical models for the simulation of the physics of water vapor, dry air and moist air as real gases. Given a combination of two thermodynamic properties of moist air and a value of pressure, it calculates 39 thermodynamic properties of moist air, dry air, water, water vapor and ice. The results obtained are suitable for scientific or industrial use, HVAC, meteorology and related fields.

-Performs all the calculations implementing the latest mathematical models used to generate the tables for moist air properties and thermodynamic properties of water in the 2009 ASHRAE Handbook of Fundamentals.

-It allows for 17 different combinations of thermodynamic properties to be entered as input parameters, plus a value for absolute pressure:

Dry-bulb Temperature / Wet-bulb Temperature
Dry-bulb Temperature / Dew Point Temperature
Dry-bulb Temperature / Relative Humidity
Dry-bulb Temperature / Humidity Ratio
Dry-bulb Temperature / Specific Enthalpy
Dry-bulb Temperature / Specific Volume
Wet-bulb Temperature / Dew Point Temperature
Wet-bulb Temperature / Relative Humidity
Wet-bulb Temperature / Humidity Ratio
Dew Point Temperature / Relative Humidity
Dew Point Temperature / Specific Enthalpy
Dew Point Temperature / Specific Volume
Relative Humidity / Humidity Ratio
Relative Humidity / Specific Enthalpy
Relative Humidity / Specific Volume
Humidity Ratio / Specific Enthalpy
Humidity Ratio / Specific Volume

-Output variables:

Dry-Bulb Temperature
Wet-Bulb Temperature
Dew Point Temperature
Moist Air Pressure
Water Vapor Pressure
Saturation Water Vapor Pressure
Saturation Pressure at Wet-Bulb Temp
Saturation Pressure at Dew Point Temp
Dry Air Mole Fraction
Water Mole Fraction
Dry Air Mass Fraction
Water Mass Fraction
Humidity Ratio
Saturation Humidity Ratio
Relative Humidity
Absolute Humidity
Parts per million by weight
Parts per million by volume
Enhancement Factor
Specific Volume of Dry Air
Specific Volume of Moist Air
Specific Volume of Saturated Water
Specific Volume of Saturated Ice
Specific Volume of Steam
Density of Dry Air
Density of Moist Air
Density of Saturated Water
Density of Saturated Ice
Density of Steam
Specific Enthalpy of Dry Air
Specific Enthalpy of Moist Air
Specific Enthalpy of Saturated Water
Specific Enthalpy of Saturated Ice
Specific Enthalpy of Steam
Specific Entropy of Dry Air
Specific Entropy of Moist Air
Specific Entropy of Saturated Water
Specific Entropy of Saturated Ice
Specific Entropy of Steam
Compressibility of Dry Air
Compressibility of Moist Air
Compressibility of Saturated Steam

-Supports input parameters and calculation results in both SI (metric) and I-P (English) system of units.

-Range of variables in the SI (metric) system of units:

Temperatures : -143.15 ≤ T ≤ 350 [°C]
Relative Humidity: 0 ≤ RH ≤ 100 [%]
Humidity Ratio: 0 ≤ W ≤ 10 [kg/kg]
Pressure: 10 ≤ P ≤ 10E6 [Pa]

-Range of variables in the I-P (English) system of units:

Temperatures : -225.67 ≤ T ≤ 662.0 [°F]
Relative Humidity: 0 ≤ RH ≤ 100 [%]
Humidity Ratio: 0 ≤ W ≤ 10 [lb/lb]
Pressure: 0.00145 ≤ P ≤ 1450.4 [psi]

-For each combination of input thermodynamic properties, it calculates and provides the user with information about the appropriate input values over the valid range of calculations.

-Results can be sent by email in an HTML file along with a comma-separated value (CSV) file.

-For more information and a more comprehensive user's guide, please visit: