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The Therapy Outcome Management System -- Couples

iPhone / iPad
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Introducing the Therapy Outcome Management System for Couples (TOMS-C).

The Therapy Outcome Management System (TOMS) is an established app for iPad/iPhone/iPod, used to provide instant feedback on outcomes of counseling and therapy, client by client. The TOMS-C provides the same interface, but allows the counselor or psychotherapist to monitor both partners' perspectives when working with couples.

Agencies, directors of clinical training, group practices, clinics, private practices can all use this app to improve the quality of care delivered to patients and clients. The app utilizes the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and Session Rating Scale (SRS) to give client measurements of their progress and the therapeutic relationship.

Why the TOMS-C and TOMS?

It's simple--research has demonstrated that providing instant feedback on psychotherapy sessions improves the quality of care that clients receive. Specifically, Tracking outcomes and providing feedback based off of those scores has been shown to have many benefits, including reduction in dropout rates in psychotherapy. A 2003 meta-analysis from Lambert, Vermeesch, Nielsen and Smart revealed that for psychotherapy clients who have an initial poor response to therapy, formal progress monitoring actually improves outcomes.

Additionally, Whipple, Lambert, Vermeersch, Smart, Nielsen,and Hawkins (2003) found that clients’ potential for change doubled, they stayed in treatment longer, and experienced decreased deterioration when therapists track and receive formal feedback on the therapeutic outcome and alliance. Not only do clients experience direct benefit, therapists, mental health agencies and payers do as well. In a published interview, Dr. Scott Miller said “feedback significantly decreases the number of [dropouts] which, in turn, results in considerable cost savings—a boon for clients and payers. One public agency in Florida, for example, saved enough money in their first year to fund eight additional full-time clinicians” (p.84, Walt and Miller, 2007). The T.O.M.S. allows this process to happen in a simple, effective, and easy to use app that saves you time, paper, and money.

How To

There are two parts of the TOMS: The Client Manager and the Session Manager. In the Client Manager, you maintain a list of all your clients and their contact information. In the Session Manager, you keep session notes and outcome data using the Outcome Rating Scale (ORS) and the Session Rating Scale (SRS).

Set up clients in the Client Manager by tapping the + at the bottom of the screen. Highlight the client's name by tapping once, then tap 'Sessions' (on the iPhone/iPod) or 'Session Manager' (on the iPad). Administer the ORS at the beginning of sessions simply by adding a session and tapping 'Give ORS' under the ORS tab. Administer the SRS in the same way at the end of each session.

Track ORS and SRS scores over time by using the graph in the Sessions section. Users can look at ORS scores only, SRS scores only, or both by turning the ORS/SRS view on and off. Use this graph to provide instant feedback on your client's progress in therapy and the progress of your therapeutic relationship. Incorporate the feedback into your therapy sessions to focus the direction of treatment and form a stronger alliance.

Print outcomes or send them via e-mail by clicking the Action button at the lower right corner of the Session Manager.