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Kill Zombie(The start of the war)

iPhone / iPad
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Save New York City from the ZOMBIES at the end of the world!

The lunatic doctor who gets the powerful strength is trying to control the world.
He got the powerful force who invented his own drug eating.
And he adjust people that spread the virus made people into zombies so that He was able to make army.

The hero is needed to the mankind now~!!

The virus swallowing the LA City spreads out and it is more and more spread to the other city.
ZOMBIES are flocking into New York City remained lastly.

Mayor Hired mercenary to defend New York City.....

You have to buy attack/ammo/armor at shop before starting the game.
When killing ZOMBIES, gold(money) will be rewarded.
Using the cash to upgrade weapons and block the attack of ZOMBIES off.

You start the game, ZOMBIES are coming up near the front from the far back.
Reward will be given when you kill ZOMBIE by touching/drag it after selecting a weapon.
However, depending on the type of ZOMBIES might not go through a particular weapon.
You have to kill from all ZOMBIES in each level.

Sword : In the case of basic sword can kill ZOMBIE located in the near, the more upgrade weapon, attack range has being widely.
Handgun : Headshot is possible, the more upgrade weapon, the possibility of head shot rises and hitting feelling becomes strong.   
machine gun : Can hit continuously, if you upgrade this weapon, hitting felling becomes strong. 
flamethrower : Burn down many ZOMBIES, the more upgrade weapon, attack range has the advantage of being widely.
grenade : As you take the most powerful weapon you want to throw the grenades fly in that area, the most far and widely to kill zombies.

Normal ZOMBIE : Defense is normal, come and attack directly.
Tanker ZOMBIE(blue ZOMBIE) : Defense is strong, resistant to sword attack. Come and attack directly.
Rush ZOMBIE : Defense is weak, resistant to firearm attack. Come quickly and attack directly.
Mole ZOMBIE (Put on the helmet) : Defense is normal, dig into an underground and move. Come and attack directly.
Pumpkin ZOMBIE(Put on the gogle) : Defense is weak, attack in the long distance throwing a pumpkin while on the move.