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Find My Spot

iPhone / iPad
  • Travel
  • Navigation
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Find My Spot... An unique tool for iPhone which can be used to locate a place in different situations. You may want to locate your car, an spot on the map, your tent site in a remote area etc. How you want to use the app to locate a spot is limited to your imagination.

You can share your location with your friends and family using text message or email. They can easily locate you or the location you shared simply by clicking on the link shared.

It helps you locate your spot using both Map and Compass. The Compass view is employed uisng GPS which allows you to get to your desired spot even if there is no network coverage.


* Add Locations by three different method

a) By GPS: The app automatically detects your current position and allows you to save the location in just one click.

b) Manual: If you know the latitude and longitude of the location you want to save just add it here and save to navigate to the location at any time.

c) By Map: If you are travelling to a place where you think you might not have access to mobile network then simply add the locations well in advance by using the map and when you are in the place you can easily navigate to it using compass even if there is no cellular network.

* Want to get to a spot or help someone get to a location you are in.. simply save the location and share it with others using email or text message from you mobile phone. One on the other side can simply click the link sent to download the app and save the location you shared to navigate to the spot.

* View your current position and the destination spot either in compass view or map view. The compass view shows you how far you are from the destination in meters.

* The gradual colour change of the compass background from low to high intense red when you are atleast 100m away from the destination gives you visual representation of how far you are from your destination spot.

* In-built torch application allows you to navigate in the dark when no other light source is available by keeping the flash light ON while you use the compass to navigate to your desired place.

* Want to get together to a place with no hassle... just share the location with all your friends to quickly find you.