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Debt Consolidation Calculator

iPhone / iPad
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Are your debts getting on top of you?

Do you have the option to consolidate your debts but are not sure how much you might save by doing this?

This calculator will allow you to compare your current loans to a possible debt consolidation loan to see if you will save money, the difference in your loans repayments and other factors. Additionally, you can see the savings made from paying your current loans with the "Snowball" or "Avalanche" payment methods.

*** Features ***

* Input any number of current loans and see the total of your debt, your overall monthly payments and what interest you will incur through the life of the loans.

* Input the details of a debt consolidation loan and compare this to your current loans.

* Compare your current loans payments, the debt consolidation loan or payments using the snowball or avalanche payment methods where you invest the payments of your paid loans into your remaining loans.

* Compare the total interest and costs of your various options, the monthly payments required or the time until you have payed off your debts.

* See graphs of your various options remaining principal, monthly payments or total costs.

* Detailed help is fully integrated into the calculator, giving you everything you need to start comparing your options.

* The single app works on both iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Stop being in the dark about how much your debts are costing you and figure out your debt options now.