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行動機票HD版 (Mobile Flight HD)

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行動機票™ 主要功能包括:
-同時搜尋機位及票價, 並且自動搜尋出發日及回程日前後各三天的最低票價, 然後以7X7日曆的方式顯示搜尋結果. 讓您使用iPhone可以比旅遊網站更加便利找到機票及機位.
-搜尋範圍涵蓋全球數百個城市及機場, 包括直飛或是多點轉機
可以直接線上訂位, 並且選擇喜愛的旅行社為您服務
-訂位記錄查詢及管理, 非使用本App訂位的電腦代號, 也可以直接輸入查詢, 航班資訊可以隨身帶著走.
-即時航班動態查詢, 提供查詢全球航班的即時動態資料

Mobile Flight™ Functions and Features:
-Searching available flights and low-fares at the same time, moreover, searches three days before and after the departure date automatically and return the lowest fare of the day, then display the search results through a 7X7 calendar. User can find flight and fare more convenient via their iPhone than those travel sites.
- Searching hundreds of cities and airports in the world, including Direct Flight and Interline Connection.
-Ultra-convenient time and price searching filter.
-Online booking and select your preferred travel agency.
-Booking inquiries and records management.
-Provide the global real-time flight information.
-Personal information management.