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Body Quest: Food of the Warrior (Lesson 1)

  • Health & Fitness
  • Education
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Welcome to your first Body Quest challenge! Compete against yourself in this fun and addictive game that will help you identify your food fears and make a battle plan for healthy eating. In this Body Quest game, you’ll meet Body Doctor, a Body Quest Warrior who will walk you through your first challenge.

Are you ready to tackle your fears? This is your chance to find out how brave you are—and how much you know about the benefits of fruits and vegetables. Treat yourself to an exciting game that will give you confidence and prepare you to be the best warrior you can be!

PERSONALIZED BATTLE PLAN Every great warrior needs a plan. This game will help you create a personalized and simple food plan you can stick to. Just what your body and brain need to succeed!

BONUS CHALLENGE To move to the next level, you’ll have to find Trans Fat Cat. See if you can find him, and discover foods that will make you drabby and flabby.

FUN FACTS Need a little help? Touch the picture of any fruit or vegetable to find out exactly how it helps your body.

AWESOME ARTWORK You’ll be dazzled by the colorful artwork in this game. Body Quest warriors appear in the popular anime style. Take a look and see what you think.

LOL FUNNY If you like animated characters, you’ll love Trans Fat Cat. This guy has his finger on the pulse of today’s food challenges. You’ll be laughing out loud by this cat’s take on “healthy” eating.

THE GAME CONTINUES This is the first in a series of six Body Quest games. Make sure to meet the other BQ Warriors: Muscle Max, Graino Supa, Shining Rainbow, Fiberlicious, and Super Slurper.