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Patients app constitute the various aspects of a patient's prescribed care, medical history and other health related information being stored in your iPad rather than in traditional paper files.

Please take in mind, to add any new record to the app, please press first the "+" sign, located in the left upper screen part. This will clean the input screen and activate the save button.

This app is very easy to use and includes all information needed about the patients.

Beneath a complete patient medical history, emergency contact, the app includes also

- add patient photo

- history of medical visits, with description of symptoms and diagnostic and schedule for next visit

- clinical history of surgeries, medications and vaccines

- capture of prescription and medical study request. Complete history of all prescriptions and medical study request. Prescription and medical study request can be printed on AirPrint ready printers.

- Attach any document to the patient profile, like medical study results, documents or spreadsheets. Attachments can added from Mail or Safari app and printed on AirPrint ready printers.

- Take and add photos to the patient profile, to document the advance of the healing process. Change to full screen view and zoom in to examine more details of the photo.

Patient Management is made easy with this app. Where ever you go, all your patient information is always with you.