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Hoop Go! HD

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The inspiration for Hoop Go comes from the traditional Chinese acrobatics “hoop jumping.” The performers are supposed to jump across the hoop tactfully and beautifully, and the performance is a real test of their agility, swiftness, courage and wisdom.

Now play this game with the Chinese boy named Fubao (Fu Boy, “Fu” means fortune) and run, toss and leap with him amidst the scenery across China.

Golden hoop, fire hoop, thorn hoop, and ice hoop, and some other hoops will be on the way for you.

Tap the screen or yell to play this game, join with Fubao to start your journey across China and enjoy the Chinese acrobatics.

《钻圈 Go!》的灵感来自中国的传统杂技项目“钻圈”。表演者在狭小的圈内空间中飞跃穿透,通过不同的花样和技巧穿越圈环,考验了身体的敏捷和灵巧,展现了勇气与智慧。
请与来自《钻圈 Go!》游戏中的中国童子“福宝”一起,在中国各地的风光中奔跑,滚动、跳跃……