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Word Mocha

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Education
  • Puzzle
  • Word
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Fun is the only objective when you play Word Mocha! If you love words and if you're awesome at finding things (or if you're just awesome in general) you'll have a great time playing this exciting game!

The two -legendary- ways to play are ...

You don't need to be an Einstein to play, but you'll definitely need to think! Your mission is to find words. In each level, tap letters to find words and make them disappear. Letters piled on top will fall down and fill the space. Continue to find words until you've found them all! How far can you go?

For those who want to relax or for those who want to show off their awesome abilities, blitz is for you! You're given an endless, random stack of letters and your mission is to find as many words as possible. Bonuses in time and score are given for longer and fancier words. What will be your best?

Selected Features:
* over 180 unique levels!
* includes the fun, endless and timed 'blitz' mode!
* 3 levels of difficulty for those who love a challenge!
* 60 unique and curated levels per difficulty, so you're always solving something new!
* carefully engineered for over 50 hours of game play so you're never bored!
* simply-designed artwork keeps distractions at a minimum!
* no annoying sounds or music so you can listen to your own tunes while you play!
* recorded high scores!
* recognizes over 170,000 words for all you word aficionados out there!
* the most offensive words in English are blacklisted, so even your kids can play this game!

And as a bonus, tips for completing levels and cool facts about words will be found on our blog each week. You'll never be permanently stuck, you'll be playing this game along with others, and you'll always be learning!

This game looks simple, but it's extremely addictive. For less than the price of a coffee shop mocha, you'll be entertained for weeks! Just try it out and have a blast!

Give yourself a treat and enjoy a delicious cup of Word Mocha today.