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Winter Forest - Chapter II

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To celebrate Christmas and New Year, Winter Forest - Chapter II will be free to download and free to in-app-purchase until the New Year's Day, 2016! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to kids all around the world!

(^o^)--[ What's New in Version 1.1.0(1) ]--(^o^)
We have shrank the size of the installation package. Customers who have Retina Display now may download the High Resolution Package separately within the App.

Instructions to download the High Resolution Package:
1. Navigate to the package download page by turning the Settings Wheel at the lower-left corner of the screen in Main Menu.
2. Tap on the icon with "HD" sign to popup the High Resolution Package dialog box.
3. Tap on "OK" button to start downloading.
4. During the process of download, you may continue to use the App. The download will be performed in the background silently, as long as the App is running. You will be noticed after the download has finished.
5. You may navigate back to the High Resolution Package dialog box at any time to check the progress after the download has started.

Please Note: The High Resolution Package could take up to 600MB of your storage. Please make sure you have enough space on your device before start downloading.

(^3^)--[ Acknowledgements ]--(^3^)
Thanks to all your support, Winter Forest - Chapter I has reached 140,000 downloads all around the world, and got thousands of 5-star reviews from kids and parents. “Winter Forest” series bring kids’ electronic books to a new level. It adds abundant interactive factors and multiple-story lines into a conventional electronic storybook, and successfully combined educational and entertaining contents into one product. This product is filled with fun and imagination.

Now, with more than 10 months of efforts, we are releasing Winter Forest - Chapter II. With more interactive factors and detailed designs in as much as 29 scenarios, Milley will definitely take your child onto an even more magical journey.

Meanwhile, Winter Forest - Chapter I will be free forever in the future on the App Store.

( i _ i )--[ The Story ]--( i _ i )
Based on the original novel written by Renee Welch, “Winter Forest” features a twelve-year-old girl named Milley going on a magical adventure in the “Winter Forest”. Following Chapter I, Winter Forest - Chapter II will unveil the secret in the depth of Winter Forest. In order to break the spell applied on Winter Forest, Milley and Will decided to… Well, why don’t you download and find it out yourself! :)

(=^__^=)--[ The Features ]--(=^__^=)
- Original serial story
- Educational mini-games and multiple-story lines
- Beautiful original painting and professional detailed designs
- More than 200 integrated interactive factors will certainly bring hours of fun to your kids
- Carefully adjusted background music