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* Curious about ghosts, demons, and the supernatural?

* Want to learn about the after life by talking with them?

* Have questions you need to ask?

Try Demon Speak!

- What is Demon Speak?

Demon Speak is a paranormal app that has the potential to allow dark, unseen forces to "speak" through it.  Demon Speak uses a rich dictionary that is geared towards darker forces and entities. Since there is no direct way to scientifically prove this though, we have to include that this app is for entertainment purposes only.

-What is the concept, how does it work?

The concept is very simple.  There has been evidence over the past several decades that ghosts and demons are able to control electronic devices.  While this has never been proven scientifically, outside studies have shown the potential for this possibility exists.  Within the Demon Speak app there is a large dictionary of 3000 words, each word is assigned to an individual number.  These numbers are not shown to the public so there is no way to "force results".  The digital sensors, proximity sensors, axis sensors, etc, are then used to select these numbers.  A baseline is applied to remove normal outside interference and the result is the number that was chosen.  The concept is this; if an outside entity, such as a demon, is able to manipulate the sensors, the entity would then be able to force a number change to isolate the word(s) that they wish to speak.

-What is the best way to use Demon Speak?

We recommend using headphones when possible. While not required, they will help isolate you from background noises, allowing you to hear words more clearly.  It is also recommended to use Demon Speak in an area where you already suspect some level of paranormal activity. Doing this allows you to gain a sense of words that are drawn in active areas.   Once you do that, use it in an area where you do not believe any exist and see if you were mistaken!  
The one question we receive many times is "Are there any certain times of day to use this?" The answer is whenever you wish to use it.  It would be too easy to make it "act scary" at night time by sensing what time it is on your device.  We do not employ any sort of time tricks.  So it is up to you.

- What is this static noise?

The static you hear is what most paranormal researchers consider "white noise".  One of the theories is that this noise will help allow spirits to come through by creating a constant that they may pull energy from.  While this is a theory of some, others do not believe that.  We have tested it with and without and it seems to improve the results with the static.

- Is it real?

We have been designing paranormal applications for years and we feel that this is our best yet.  We have had many success stories of people experiencing an intellectual conversation with spirits.  We also have our fair share of people who say it does not work, that it is not real, etc. however some of the sessions we and others have experienced simply cannot be explained by coincidence or any other natural explanation. The best way to see if it is real is for you to try it and draw your own conclusions. 

Please use caution when attempting to use our devices or any paranormal device.  While very little has ever been scientifically proven in the field of paranormal research, there are a good number of people who believe that paranormal research tools are not to be taken lightly. Although Demon Speak was designed to try to contact dark entities, the word selection process will work for less sinister entities as well.