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Native Numbers - Complete Number Sense Mastery Curriculum

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*** Top Rank of #2 in Education! 125,000 kids, 35 million math tasks, and counting! ***
- 12 BEST Children's Educational Apps of 2012: “Native Numbers is a fabulous app, promoting deeper learning and providing a much needed foundation in math for all children.” -
- “The kids loved the gameplay feel of the app… This is a great app to help young kids learn the concept of numbers and basic math skills.”
- "A Math App Worth Bragging About!" - Karen Mahon, Ed. D, Learning Scientist


- Number Sense is widely cited as the most critical math skill a child ever learns
- Native Numbers is the first and only comprehensive Number Sense curriculum in the App Store

Inspired by research, designed by Harvard Education School graduate Dr. Michael W. Connell, and developed by a team of MIT engineers, Native Numbers is the first of its kind - a complete curriculum to help early learners develop Number Sense.


There are countless "early math apps" available in the App Store - but are any of these effective in laying down a proper Number Sense foundation?


Unfortunately, most math app developers ignore the complex sequence of activities required to properly develop Number Sense. Instead, some claim to develop math knowledge as a side effect of other, non-mathematical games and activities. Others inflate a single, narrow math concept into a game that they promise will provide "hours of fun and learning."

This random approach to early math simply does not work. Researchers Douglas Clements and Julie Sarama found, for example, that while it might appear that kids are "doing mathematics" when engaged with puzzles, blocks, songs, and the like, "evidence suggests that such an approach is ineffective, owing to a lack of explicit attention to mathematical concepts and procedures along with a lack of intentionality to engage in mathematical practices" (Science Magazine, Aug 2011).


The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and the Common Core State Standards have made Number Sense a focus area of elementary mathematics education for all children.

Native Numbers is based on high-quality learning research and is designed to engage each child directly in an individualized, intrinsically rewarding learning experience while minimizing distractions – what some people call "hard fun.”

(For a brief video that explains why Number Sense is so important and how Native Numbers develops it, search for "Native Numbers" on YouTube.)

Native Numbers challenges children with 25 engaging and carefully sequenced activities that develop an understanding of several core concepts and skills, including:

- Number Representations: Identify the numbers 1-9 as continuous quantities (rods), discrete quantities (sets of animals), and symbols (numerals)
- Number Relations: Answer questions about number relationships using a variety of visual representations and vocabulary (greater/less, bigger/smaller, heavier/lighter, etc.)
- Ordering: Arrange numbers in order from small to big and big to small
- Counting: Use numbers to put a set of objects in order (ordinal numbers) and to determine how many objects are in a set (cardinal numbers)
- Demonstrate Mastery: Apply concepts from previous activities to novel, untrained examples

Recommended Ages: 4-7 (home or school) although many younger and older children can benefit as well

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Teachers With Apps said that, "Native Numbers is a fabulous app, promoting deeper learning and providing a much needed foundation in math for all children. We highly recommend this app and please, don’t let the price stop you from purchasing this extensive curriculum, it’s worth every penny of the $9.99."