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Activ8rlives Health Monitoring and Food Diary App

iPhone / iPad
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Activ8rlives supports you in monitoring, maintenance and self-management of health, activity, weight and wellbeing. You can track and monitor a wider range of health parameters (steps, blood pressure, blood glucose, peak flow, oxygen saturation and temperature) and export them to Apple’s Health App on iOS 8.0 or later.
Being active is key to good health
• Track activity via an activity tracker or pedometer, using Activ8rlives Buddy Step Counter or BuddyBand2 to upload via Bluetooth 4.0 to Activ8rlives App
• Upload data via iPhone or iPad using Bluetooth 4.0 (iPhone 4s or later, iPad 3 or later)
• Don’t have a tracker? No problem, add your steps from any pedometer manually to App
• See how your sense of health and wellbeing improves as you increase your daily levels of activity
• See how your weight varies and changes with increased activity
Want to lose weight?
• Record food intake using integrated Food Diary to record photos of food and drink
• Simply score your food and drink intake as GOOD or BAD choice
• Automatically stores photos of food in your web-based Activ8rlives account and not on phone, saving memory
• Quickly learn about hidden food/drink intake we all forget about, which makes the difference between weight loss and weight gain
• No more counting calories - just snap a photo to reveal eating choices and patterns
• Display food choice ratio and number of food items over time, alongside activity and weight
• Calories out greater than calories in does NOT mean weight loss. All calories are not “equal”
• It is your body and everyone’s works differently. Find out how yours works
• See full buffet you have eaten for entire week and share data with healthcare team or personal coach
• Learn how body weight and composition changes as a result of dieting with Activ8rlives Body Analyser smart scales
• Track weight, fat, muscle, bone, visceral fat, water content and BMI. See how these change over time as you modify food intake and activity
• Don’t have a set of Activ8rlives Body Analyser? No problem, add your data manually
Self-management of long-term health
• Use Activ8rlives App to maintain, track vital signs, symptoms, medication and control health if you have long-term health conditions
• Use Activ8rlives health monitoring devices to measure, connect and upload data directly via Activ8rlives App: Activ8rlives Contactless Infrared Thermometer, Pulse Oximeter, Peak Flow, Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Monitor
• Already have a medical device (Blood glucose monitor, INR monitor, cholesterol monitor, spirometer, ECG) you use to monitor long-term health, add this data manually to App and see this data alongside each other in one App
• Create custom trackers via online account to track symptoms, medication or other recordings (joint pain, migraine, inhaler usage or mood)
• It’s all about you – you are special and unique so you can tailor App to suit yourself
• All data can be reviewed and compared with simple graphing tools in “Health Data” section. Simple to use, yet very powerful and all in one place
Motivating you
• Gain and earn Medals / Points for activity to motivate
• Reach your first Gold Medal and receive a real medal to reward you. Free to anywhere in the World
Self-help groups
• Activ8rlives has a growing community of users who help and support others in achieving their goals. Join one of our self-help health groups for encouragement or support
• Start your own group to support your family, club or work colleagues
• Join World-Walk Adventure group and your steps will automatically be added and you can track the adventure online or via the Smartphone App with our embedded integrated mapping
• Raise funds for charities using Groups as a means of earning sponsorship of points you have gained by walking
About us
• Activ8rlives App is developed by Aseptika Limited – a healthcare company specialising in self-management through self-monitoring. Our goal is to activate as many people as we can to stay healthy and keep well