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GraphPower provides teachers and parents with an educational tool for teaching data analysis and for developing skill in reading and interpreting graphs. Students can enter their own data and instantly see a graph by tapping an icon. When using GraphPower teachers will want to direct students to build bar graphs, line graphs, circle graphs, and histograms. Active learning begins by entering the data for the graph, setting an appropriate scale, choosing colors and other related activities to create a graph.

Based on Common Core Standards GraphPower gives kids the power to build and save graphs on their iPads. A complete curriculum provides K-8 teachers with lesson ideas and a variety of projects.

Types of Graphs
•Bar Graphs
•Line Graphs
•Circle Graphs

Options to enter:
•Graph Title
•Graph Subtitle
•y-axis Label
•x-axis Label
•Data for the Graph

Statistical Topics:

Fun Features:

In addition to making their own graphs, while using GraphPower students can scroll through a set of icons and then tap the icon to automatically set up a hypothetical graph. Next, tap the dice to generate random numbers for the graph and edit the graph with a titles and labels.