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Shake 'n Boom

iPhone / iPad
  • Games
  • Entertainment
  • Dice
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Shake'n Boom is a fun, fast paced game that you play with a group. It's simple enough for a two year old, but still fun for the imaginative college student or adult. It's especially good when you're looking for that special app that will entertain while not isolating the player. In fact it's a great game to play as an ice-breaker or in any social setting. It's particularly good when the kids are restless on a road trip or when you and some buddies are sitting around the dorm with time to kill. It will instantly entertain while keeping people from withdrawing into their iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

The game itself is super easy to play and loads of fun. You simply pass your iPhone, iPod, or iPad around the group and hope not to be caught holding it when it 'booms'.

You start the game by simply shaking your device. This will enable Shake'n Boom. A large red button will become visible and a random timer (up to 30 seconds) will be set. You then press the red button to kick things off. The timer will start and you should hear a ticking sound (if not, check your volume). You then quickly pass the device to the person next to you who, in turn, passes it to his/her friend. Keep passing it until it 'booms'. The consequences of getting caught holding the device is up to you!

So get Shake'n Boom now! It's addictively fun and easy to play. You just Shake it! Press it! Pass it!