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XStudio Scripts

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With XStudio Scripts app you can create, edit or read your scripts anywhere (Poker Tournaments, Flying Home, back sit of a Car or at a Park) anytime on the palms of your hands. 

Designed with an artistic imagination with a point of view of Screen Writer/Director as you write your Script.

Will allow you to cast your characters, define locations for your scenes  - give you a unique point of view of your characters – where you will be able to read/control/edit scenes for scripts where an individual character can exist from the Project Detail - Characters Segment.

It has an Object Oriented concept in writing Scripts that gives you a new and fresh interface in writing Scripts.  Every aspect of writing a Script is considered an Object from the highest level (Projects) to the lowest level (Elements - Action, Dialogue, etc..)

Objects that can be analyzed, copied, moved, imported, exported, etc…

Project Object – contains Scripts, Character, Location, Artists, etc… Objects
Script Object – contains Scenes, Characters, XScript, etc… Objects

This concept in writing Scripts – creates a unique interface in bringing your imagination/Story to your scripts.   XStudio will let you cast your characters – and as you read and write your story – the image of your Actor will be connected to your Characters.

You will be able to select an Image that identifies your Object (Project, Script or Artist)

Possibly the next step in writing Screen Plays
Ink and Pen -> Type Writers -> Computers -> iPad - XStudio  

* Projects/Scripts are stored in Relational Database - where all aspect of writing scripts exist as an Object in Apps Core Database
* User customizable objects - that will let you customize your Script Writing Process
* XStudio Artist Data is fully user controlled on the contents - which allows you to control what Artist (Actors) are available for your Projects which can be used to cast your characters in the script
* Intelligent Element Options - When writing the Scenes
   - Character Button to pick the Characters in the Dialogue & Scenes
   - Shot Button - to Select predefined/customizable Shot options
   - Transition Button - to Select predefined/customizable Transition Options
- Parentheses Button - to select predefined/customizable Parentheses Options
* Character Segment in Project Detail - allow you to view & edit all the scripts and scenes the character is associated with a Project
* Copy/Cut/Paste functionality on you Script Writing Objects (Characters, Scenes & Elements)
* Internal Clipboard for Characters, Locations, Scenes and Elements - User Controlled and Maintained
* Import and Export your Scripts in multiple formats with iTunes
* Allow you to Import and Export XStudio Objects (Artists, Settings, Characters, Locations, Scenes and Elements)
* Multiple View Formats - when reading/writing Scenes
* Objects (Characters and Locations) created within a Project are shared and accessible to all the Scripts contained in that Project
* Build in User Interface to your Apps Document Folder - where you can create/move/rename/edit files in the Folders 
* WiFi independent