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What did you eat?

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“What did you eat?” is the application to check your diet based on a Japanese food guide (Japanese Food Guide Spinning Top). This application was created by a female’s college students who studied nutrition and dietetics at the D.W.C.L.A.

■How to use this application
You choose the menu you ate from the menu list, and check the amount to eat in reference to the photographs. After registering the menu, you can check energy, nutrients, and food balance according to the Japanese food guide (Grain dishes, vegetable dishes, fish and meat dishes etc.).

You can compare your whole diet in a day with the Japanese food guide after registering your age and weight etc. This application is to support your health. The black cat of this application’s character named ‘Nyani-chan” supports your health quietly, too. Please enjoy it!

・Register, edit, and delete the diet from 594 menu items which are mainly Japanese dishes.
・You can check your whole diet in a day with the Japanese food guide by graphic representation. You can check energy and any nutrients such as salt intake.
・You can list your whole diet in a day in one glance.
・You can list the previous month’s diet in one glance.
・You can show your previous month’s energy, nutrients, and food balance graphically after you've registered your gender, birth date, height, weight, and physical activity.
・The black cat supports you.

This application was created as a part of the development of the tool for health promotion in Japan. We use the registered diet data after we agreed to use their data to develop the application.

※ The menu list of this application is based on dietary records from a 3-day weighing of 1,071 participants in the National Institute for Longevity Sciences-Longitudinal Study of Aging. The program that could check the food balances was developed using a menu list. It is confirmed in a study that energy and nutrient intakes are easily checked when using this program (T Imai etc. The Japanese Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics, 67(6):301- 309、2009 in Japanese).

This application was created by female college students who studied nutrition and dietetics at the Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Art (D.W.C.L.A) based on the program. We developed the application with photographs of the menu, and advice of black cat. This application developed an evidence based finding to return the results of research to society.

Q: I can not enter yesterday’s meal.
A: After I tapped the ‘today’s diet’ in the main screen, you can see ‘add the diet’ if you chose the menu from ‘+’ button, then you can tap ‘data’ under the ‘amount’ at the ‘add the diet’. You can set data and time there.

Q: It takes time to register the diet.
A: Please register in a good place to get a signal.

About the study use of data
We want to study the dietary habits and nutrient intakes of the users from the data that user s registered after getting informed consent to use it. We want to study the characteristics and the health problem of the users. We will announce the findings to all of the users to help their health improvements. Moreover, the data will be used to update the menu, and the application. The data may use individuals and groups for the purpose of the study. When we use the data, we will apply it to the study ethically, for example, after getting the approval of the Ethical Review Board of the research organization.

When we study the data, we use the data after deleting the nicknames and addresses. We cannot use personal information such as gender, age, weight, and others outside of the study purpose. We cannot identify an individual because of the data process statistically before it has been analyzed and disclosed. We would have you understand the above-mentioned points, and, for the update of the application, please cooperate with the study use of registered data.