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iHole - The Amazing Hole You Can Wear!

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Are you ready to blow some minds? iHole puts the "hollow" in Halloween by letting you WEAR a jaw-dropping, show-stealing, hole-through-your-body illusion that YOU CAN ACTUALLY SEE THROUGH! It will be the centerpiece of your Halloween costume.

NOTE: You need 2 devices to use iHole. Any combination of iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch will work.

--- How It Works ---

Buy iHole once, and run it on 2 devices. One device is worn in front of you, under your clothing with a hole cut out. The other device is worn behind you. The camera feed of each device is captured and streamed in real-time to the display of the other device.

The effect is an astonishing, hole-through-the-body illusion that you can actually see through!

--- Story ---

iHole was created by Subversus Interactive as a side project for Halloween 2010. It was debuted at the Rally To Restore Sanity that year in Washington DC in an effort to get the word out about Subversus Interactive's virtual reality style games, including Gyromaniac. The following year when iPads got cameras and FaceTime, someone posted a popular video of a similar hole-like effect using FaceTime, and we were immediately inundated with requests for our app. Now it's available in the App Store! Here are some advantages to iHole:

--- Features ---

* NO WIFI access needed: iHole creates a direct connection between your devices. Wear it anywhere!
* Realistic animated gory flesh graphics on the display itself, surrounding the Hole effect.
* 3 animated Hole themes to choose from:
-- Standard Hole
-- Gruesome Hole (in-app purchase)
-- Android Hole (in-app purchase)
* Don't break the bank on two new iPads! You can use older, pre-FaceTime devices. Even the original iPad, which lacks a camera, can be used to display a Hole.
* iHole can LAST A FULL DAY by double-tapping to pause and resume the video stream (as opposed to just an hour or two).
* Special graphics displayed in place of the Hole when the video is paused.
* Control brightness by sliding anywhere from left-to-right. This is necessary when calibrating the effect for day vs. night.
* Pinch to zoom in or out of the Hole, in order to align the video feed to reality, for a more continuous and convincing Hole illusion.
* Zoom up to 400% with no quality loss.
* Choose between a two-way or one-way hole.
* You don't need two Apple IDs to connect as you would for a FaceTime-based approach.
* Big buttons that are easy to use while you're wearing the device.
* More surprises to come in future updates!

--- Constructing Your Costume ---

There are a number of costumes you can build using iHole. Be creative! Here are two holesome ideas:

* Hole In The Stomach or Chest
We recommend using an iPad in front, suspended from a harness worn around your neck. In previous years we've constructed the harnesses out of duct tape, but you can also buy one (e.g., Modulr's iPad case and shoulder strap). Cut a hole carefully in your clothing in front of the iPad to expose the Hole effect on the display but mask the iPad's frame. Wear an iPod Touch in a case pinned to the back of your shirt. Cut a small hole in the shirt there to expose the camera.

* Hole In The Head
We recommend using an iPod Touch or iPhone in both the front and back, and attaching them to each side of the inside of a hat that will act as a holder for the devices. Cut a hole carefully in the hat on each side to expose the displays and front-facing cameras.

--- Credits ---

Concept, Design, Engineering
Vishal Srivastava

Wayne Price

Creative Consulting
Jennifer Shieh, Jamie Nicolson