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DentalViewer is a comprehensive dental imaging software of iPad and helps dental offices and your patients for better understanding of your descriptions visually and case acceptance.

DentalViewer can acquire the still images and record live images directly from devices listed below for diagnosing oral condition of your patients.
-Intraoral camera Dr.Cam
-Phase-contrast microscope PerioCam-J
-Digital x-ray sensor EasyRay
These devices have to be connected to our Wi-Fi device called WiFi-Box and it delivers the images directly to iPad with Wi-Fi technology without going through any access point.

After the acquisition of the images in the DentalViewer, you can manage them with patient`s information in Album and also create your own cases using clinical images in Case Presentation.

DentalViewer is available in 3 different versions depending on your purpose how you intend to manage the captured images.
-AirViewer Lite
SoloViewer is a stand-alone software only work in single iPad and not able to share the images. Whereas, AirViewer Lite and AirViewer require its exclusive server PC and software, which has ability to consolidate the captured images along with patient`s information and they are accessible from multiple iPad.