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My Future Baby - app for pregnant woman and women planning pregnancy

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Are you pregnant or are you planning to have a baby?
Try "My future baby" and see how your future child could look like

Check what eye color will your baby have.
Check what hair color will your child have. Do you think it will be straight or curly?
Check what blood group and Rh factor will your future baby have.
Check how tall your child will be as an adult.

Simply choose your traits and characteristics of your partner.
Traits calculators are based on the principle of inheritance but please keep in mind that nothing is 100% certain in genetics.

Inheritance rules still leave a lot of secrets and are under research by many scientists. Often a child may surprise their abilities and appearance because it inherits traits from the distant ancestors whose characteristics do not necessarily correspond with characteristics of parents.

You must remember to take the results with a grain of salt. There is no app that can claim 100% accuracy when making predictions based on genetics.

Have fun