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The best. Tekejeu is a complete drum's studio designed for live performances.

Designed to be as real Drum, we hope that this product make you feel like a drummer.

Starting with two fingers and no matter if you are a drummer or not, you will be able to play most of the drums track of any song.

Like live Karaoke game, Tekejeu will assist you to drum your favorite song.

A real time automation may be set to overdub a drum rhythm fully synchronized with the playing song. You may change the tempo of the song without changing the pitch and vice-versa. A sophisticated algorithm follows the new tempo.

A special effort has also been made in designing and implementing a high responsive 3D environment to provide you the most realistic look and feel.

This is finally a real drum for a real live performance.


*** Performances ***

The studio of Tekejeu is a combination of the following major components:
1. The 3D intelligent Drum itself
2. The mixer
3. The tape recorder
4. The sequencer
5. Playlist and song picker
6. Accessories
7. Extra functions

1. 3D intelligent Drums

-3D environment
- 14 individuals instruments
- 1 snare, 1 kick,2 toms, 1 floor, 1 high-hat, 4 cymbals, 1 sidekick,
- 1 open/close HH pedal, Rot toms or bongos
- Fast touch response (works well on iPad 1 and iPod 4)
- Rotation of drum fully adjustable around axis
- Drum is fully scalable
- Rotation and scaling coordinates are automatically saved in flash memory
- Cadence stick is animated synchronously with the tempo based on the song
- Dynamic animation of cymbals and drumsticks synchronized with sounds
- You can apply texture (Skin) on all 3D objects with bitmaps from your photo's library
- Up to 8 drum's kit pre-sets (China, USA, Quebec, UK, France, Canada, Japan, Africa)
- Changing pre-sets changes the skin of 3D parts and the default sounds of instruments
- The 4 User pre-sets allow yo to customize your sound style and the drum skin
- Drum fills using toms and floor may be automated based on tempo and trigged by swiping
- Quick 360 rotation to reach back of drum for textures applications

2. Mixer
- 14 channels real time mixer (42 knobs and 14 muted switches) with pan, volume and sound knobs plus:
- Song pitch knob
- Song tempo knob
- Song Master volume knob
- Drum Master volume knob

3. Tape recorder
- 3D animated tape deck
- Fully functional Vuemeters according to console Left and Right output signal
- Up to 6 recordable tracks
- Mute/Stop function
- Clearing track function
- Record button
- Events are automatically saved in flash memory.

4. Sequencer
- Up to 4 categories of 24 beats :Disco, Rock, Metal, Latin.
- Real time beats selection and looping from the end of the beginning of the measure.

5. Playlist and Song Picker
- Your iPod library is reached by a custom picker capable to manage one playlist
- Library songs may be sorted and filtered by group, song name or artist
- Capable to reorder song items in your playlist
- Capable to add and/or delete song in the playlist

6. Accessories
- Song position controller

7. Other extra functions
- Online help
- Disco light simulation
- Onset detection - Auto detection of percussion in a song
- Toms/Floor swipes enable/disable
- Auto saving of all settings
- Reset to original settings
- Intelligent metronome based and synchronized with tempo of the song.
- May play in background (if you leave the application)