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iGo Chinese vol. 4 – Your Best Chinese Friend

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iGo Chinese vol. 4 is a stand-alone volume in the iGo Chinese series and teaches children more vocabulary that they can use in their daily lives. iGo vol.4 also includes 4 words in the writing practice section.
As in the first two volumes, volume 4 has 6 lessons thatcombine stories, music and the unique IQChinese Type-to-Learn Methodology to teach kids Chinese.
iGo Chinese is designed for K-2 students who have no prior Chinese knowledge and will use Chinese as a second language.

iGo uses the unique, IQChinese Type-to-Learn Methodology to help kids learn faster and remember Chinese characters better in an easy, enjoyable and effective way.


Let’s Story
Let’s Story is written using high-frequency Chinese words in a Spiral Learning Format. This means that students will learn 8 to 12 vocabulary words per lesson and these words will continue to reappear in future lessons.
Let’s Sing
Students learn new vocabulary words through story. Let’s Sing enhances learning by using different and more enjoyable methods than other apps.

Let’s Quiz
Let’s Quiz enhances learning by stimulating multiple senses (Look, Listen and Type) as well as providing immediate feedback on the student’s performance. With the unique IQChinese ‘Type to Learn’ methodology, the connections between structures and the sounds of the words are reinforced.

Let’s Write
Let’s Write provides Chinese character writing practice to help students understand the characteristics and formation of Chinese characters.