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Wiki Trivia**

iPhone / iPad
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**WIKI TRIVIA** - a collection of almost 1000 informative, challenging and high quality questioners. Each player will enjoy the simple fun of answering both easy and challenging questions with no pressure and no time limits.
It is the quiz app for smart people and designed to stimulate your brain and ignite your interests to topics such as general knowledge, science, nature, science, films, literatures, animals, riddles, puzzles that will sparkle your cognitive interests for each topic.
It is a fun way of learning new things, random facts, entertaining and exploring things around our everyday walk in life…
See the answers you missed or keep it as a mystery at your choice
Wiki Trivia is addictive trivia quiz for families and friends, at school for students and teachers alike, just a fun way to kill some time while exercising your brain.
*** What animal can has full-range spectrum vision (can see in the infra-red, visible and ultraviolet ranges)?
*** What is the smallest unit of a substance that retains the properties of that substance?
*** In human anatomy, what is the more common name for the trachea?
*** When was the film’ Gone with the Wind’ released?

The latest fun brain teaser app challenges now on the iphone, ipod and ipad.

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