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de Grote Kinderkijkbuis

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This is the iPad-version of de Kinderkijkbuis.

De Grote Kinderkijkbuis is a completely secure environment to watch dutch language children videos in carefully selected channels. Unlike when using a webbrowser or any general Youtube player where your kids can easily encounter other - possibly inappropriate - content. de Grote Kinderkijkbuis always keeps your toddlers in the environment of the app en keeps them safe. de Kinderkijkbuis is made by parents, for parents.

de Grote Kinderkijkbuis is much, much more than a super-easy to use child friendly video player, its a secure way to let your children acces the riches of Youtube, without the hazards. This makes de Grote Kinderkijkbuis together with its free (ad-supported) iPhone-counterpart simple, and truly unique.

de Grote Kinderkijkbuis is ad free and currently offers Dutch language videos featuring:

- Zandkasteel aan Zee
- De Beestenboerderij
- Hoela Hoep
- Shaun het schaap
- De Fabeltjeskrant
- Jip en janneke
- Kikker
- Musti
- Vrouwtje Theelepel
- Pingu
- Pieter Post
- Dribbel
- Kabouter Plop
- Nijntje
- De Kleine rode Tractor
- Dommel
- Boom & Reds
- Dirk Scheele

If you have any questions or remarks, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for using de Kinderkijkbuis!