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Muslim Purification

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Muslim Purity (Taharah) is the latest dedicated app that is designed to give you complete information and guidelines about the Muslim Purity, its meaning, description and verdicts from the Islamic point of view. It clarifies what the physical/ritual impurities in Islam are and how to purify ourselves from those impurities especially before performing prayers (Salat); the second pillar in Islam. The app also explains what Ablution (Wudoo’) is and when and how to perform it.

Topics include:

- Meaning of Purity in Islam.
- Purification from physical/ritual impurity or filth (Najasah).
- The minor impurity.
- The major impurity.
- How to perform Ablution (Wudoo’).
- What to do when water is not available or can be harmful.

Author: Fahd Salem Bahammam
This app consists of a user-friendly interface and a full screen mode combined with an audio feature.


- The most advanced informative Islamic app.
- Instructions on how to use the book.
- Simple guide with proof (Daleel) from the Holy Quran and authentic Sunnah.
- Different attractive illustrated images.
- Professional native voice over.
- Easily-identifiable pages with a page navigator at the bottom of each page.
- Adjustable slideshow interval and order with icons on the side of each page.
- Click-and-swipe feature.

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