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SpectrumView Plus

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
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Visualize in real time the frequencies that you can hear around you and even those you cannot. SpectrumView provides a high-quality real-time spectrogram and spectrum analyser display, with a configurable sample rate and frequency resolution, for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. You can use this application to measure the highest tones you can sing, obtain visual feedback of the frequencies in your speech, to identify an annoying sound, for calibrating musical instruments, or generally for all sorts of acoustic analysis.

· *NEW* Logarithmic scale - Allows you to set either linear or logarithmic frequency scales in the Spectrogram and Spectrum Analyser views
· *NEW* Peak hold - Allows you to freeze and hold the peaks of the frequency envelope (three holds in three distinct colours) in Spectrum Analyser mode
· *NEW* Save location - Never forget where a clip was recorded
· *NEW* Auto lock disabled - During playback and recordings auto lock is disabled to prevent the device from automatically locking (if enabled), for uninterrupted recording/playback
· High-quality real-time spectrogram view of audio measured with the inbuilt or an external microphone, to observe trends in the frequencies present in the recording environment
· Real-time spectrum analyzer that provides a sequence of snapshots of the frequencies present in the recording environment
· Multiple selectable sample rates of 8,000 Hz, 11,025 Hz, 16,000 Hz, 22,050 Hz, 24,000 Hz, 32,000 Hz, 44,100 Hz and 48,000 Hz.
· Sampling rates of up to 48,000 Hz, for up to 24,000 Hz measurements.
· High- frequency resolution with configurable signal analysis window lengths or Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) orders.
· Native support for portrait and landscape modes in iPhones and iPads.
· Sound intensity represented using a colour spectrum scale from -96 dBFS to 0 dBFS.
· Frequency Pinch-to-Zoom. Allows you to zoom in frequency space to look at a specific tone or frequency.
· Recording and Playback of Audio Files. Provides a fully functional audio recorder that allows you to record, pause and play back files in high-quality uncompressed wave format with user-set sampling rates from 8000Hz up to 48,000Hz.
· Tap Data Cursor. Allows taps on any part of the Spectrogram or Spectrum Analyzer display to obtain the exact frequency in Hertz (Hz) and level in decibels (dB) at that point.
· Musical Notes or Frequency Display on Tap. Selectable frequency or musical pitch notation to obtain the cent-accurate musical note e.g. A4 (22), when the display is tapped.
· Live Spectrogram and Spectrum Analyzer Views of Recorded Files. Files recorded can be played back and the Spectrogram and Spectrum Analyzer modes can be used to review the audio.
· Sharing Recorded Files by Email or iTunes File-sharing. Recorded audio files can either be sent by email (if they are under 10 MB) or transferred to your computer using iTunes.
· High Quality Screenshots.
· Soundcloud support. Audio files can be uploaded to and downloaded from Soundcloud as well as being able to post audio to facebook.
· Playback from iTunes library. Audio files can now be analysed directly form the iTunes library.
· Fullscreen mode. Hide the menu at the bottom of the screen to get even more of the screen dedicated to frequency analysis.
· Selectable spectrogram colour scales. You can now select one of 7 colour scales for your spectrogram.
· Selectable window functions. You can now see the difference different window functions provide.
· Apply gain. A maximum of 24dB gain can be applied to make hard to see details easier to see.
· Open In. Audio files can be directly opened in SpectrumView. View files sent by email directly in SpectrumView.
· Selectable frequency ticks. Ticks on the frequency axis can now be set to scale at fixed unit intervals.
· 64-bit support!