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Steganography = Hiding something in plain site. What better way to communicate something secretive, than to embed it into an innocent photo - and post it on your favorite website or social network!

Your friends (or confidant!) can simply download the photo, and reveal its secrets by scanning it with the Steg-o-matic! Imagine the possibilities! Embed a map to your secret meeting place - or passwords (save them to your photo library, who's gonna know??) - pictures of your secret crush - and tons of other uses!

Note: To store really important data, such as bank passwords, be sure and use the password-based encryption capabilities of the D700-EX. For a secret map, you may want to have it "Self Destruct", available only on the D700-EX.

This app comes free with the Steg-O-Matic DEC-100 - a precise replica of the notorious WWII era steganographic decoder, trusted only in the hands of an elite group of communication specialists. This decoder is capable of decoding any hidden image or hidden message encoded by any of the Steg-O-Matic line of machines. This rare machine is nearly impossible to find, and if you did would cost thousands (and require a security clearance check!) But this replica DEC100 is a free download!

There are then 3 additional machines you can acquire for encoding your own Stegomatic images:

MG-250 - First message encoder machine made. No password-encryption capabilities, but for simple text encoding, its all you need!
IM-300 - The first machine capable of image encoding. Hide an entire image inside another image - like magic!
D700-EX - The most advanced and full-featured steg-o-matic machine available. Includes message AND image encoding PLUS both password protection and self destruct encoding options. This is the creme of the crop!

Early responses to Steg-O-Matic:

"It's like magic! There really is no trace of the hidden image - no one could know it was there!"

"This is fantastic."