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AOS Mail Manager Ultra

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
  • Productivity
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AOS Mail Manager is a centralized management email system that allows to support every customer individually and to share information in-house. It is a solution to optimize the business efficiency by giving an intelligent work style.

4 main features:

1 In-house using chat, outside the company using email
Allows for a quick sharing of information in-house, and for a thoughtful support to your customers by email. AOS Mail Manager next-generation capabilities allow changing seamlessly and without strain between email and chat, giving email to a high offensive power, materializing an email administration system.

2 Materialize share email administration by using smart phones
AOS Mail Manager made possible to manage all the business email by smart phone. By using a smart phone, everywhere and anytime business email can be shared and managed. Do not miss business opportunities.

3 (UI) Available in 8 different languages
Several languages can be used in a single email, sending and receiving without loosing anything in garbled text, every character seen clearly. Each user can choose an appropriate language and time zone, being also possible to set up the country where the main activities take place.

4 Choosing the form of installation
From SaaS to on-premise, we can match your company system policies.

Introduction results

With AOS Mail Manager, email that was previously flying around in chaos is organized, making the communication among employees, and between employees and customers centralized, allowing for a smooth communication channel.

- Prevents omissions of status reports.
- Prevents double support of an already supported email by the lock function.
- Every responsible will be automatically notified by email, without worrying about CC or recipients.
- With the history visualization, even in the absence of the responsible it is always possible to know all of the situation details.

Usage Scenarios

- Email administrator and email sharing system "AOS Mail Manager" gives the ability to take advantage of information sharing and request supports.
- From support requests in an online store:
The large amount of inquiries about products, delivery statuses or inventory are shared by all the people in charge, giving the ability to support them adequately. In cooperation with the sales management and customer management systems, it can optimize the operational efficiency.

- From the inquiries to the customer support center:
From inquiries about the products to claims, you can classify and manage all of them. With a smart phone (Ver. 6), anywhere and anytime you can give support your customers, and win business opportunities.

-Giving support to in-house help desk inquiries:
From general affairs to system support, all the inquiries can be managed and responded in one place. The access privileges of the Inbox can be configured by role, avoiding any compliance problems.

-Inquiries about business affairs and human resources employment:
Inquiries about employment management, progress of the interviews, can be easily managed and followed. Any kind of situation can be graped at a glance by using the feature of custom status, and knowing who, when and how are the conditions at any given moment.

- Sharing information about a project:
The progress, status and support information can be shared in a centralized place and grasp the details of the situation. In start-up projects, projects in progress, or finished projects with requests for support, all kinds of projects can be monitored.

- Training of new employees
By looking at all the history of the previous interactions, junior employees can see very easily how a situation was handled in the past. Even more, the new employees can be prepared without incurring in training costs by using the feature to create templates, and by answering them, all the employees can share their experience in a knowledge base.