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Afureko!AR for those who want to become voice actor

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
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I love anime!
I want to be a voice actor of longing!

However, but it is not know what to do.
Where they would like to recommend is "afureko! AR".

It is possible to record your voice to match the animation video and audio high degree of perfection, so you can taste the feeling of professional voice actor.
The recorded sound, you can hear later. So, you can understand objectively also improvements.

You might get impressed by your voice of flowing to match the video and audio in earnest.
Let's be the voice actors dream to practice fun!

This applocation will record a voice-over and voice sound to be played back with the built-in microphone.

Dubbing only sound will be recorded When you wearing earphones, headphones.

I ask you to record while playing in the built-in speakers when you enjoy it.


Naomi(JP Name Saori) got into a dubbing school to escape her “Neet” life.
She’s going to meet Miki, a former nurse, and Elena(JP Name Ayano), a young Idol
All 3 wish to become dubbing actresses

Clara McBride plays Naomi(JP Name Saori)
Character: She was the student representative of her class and the person in charge of the theatre class in the secondary school.
After failing at her exams to enter University, she breaks down. She usually so cheerful and clever, becomes what one calls a “Neet”. Her younger brother, worried, is going to convince his parents to help him registering his sister in this dubbing school. Naomi will learn about this new start only the day before the first day of school.
She will then live with her brother who also finds her a job in the capital . Because of her stubborn and proud nature, she always wants to prove what she is capable of, especially if someone defies her saying “You”ll never make it”
But often, her “Neet” period makes her look more backward in the past than toward the future.

Sonia Backers plays Elena(JP Name Ayano)
Character: She started the after recording school just after graduating
Character: She got into the dubbing school just after graduating the baccalaureate / the A-level. She dreams to become an Idol. She went for several auditions when she was at school, unsuccessfully; although she was sometime close to get a role.
She sings and dances rather well but she has no experience of acting. Yet, after discussing with her friends, she decides to enter the dubbing school.

Alexis Kendrick plays Miki
Character: She was a former nurse but couldn’t bring herself to abandon her dream of being a dubbing actress. She finally decided to enrol the dubbing school. She is not very effusive but still wants to fulfil her dream.
Although she looks the youngest of the three, she is also the more talented at dubbing. She often trained herself alone by imitating the actresses when looking at the TV. She is very gifted in imitation.

The original animation can be viewed at leisure.
You can choose your performer.
You can overlay your voice on the original animated version
You can record your own voice.
You can look at the animation you have dubbed.
Team information
Promotional film

Original work
Scenario / direction : Tsukasa Sakurai
Sound direction : Akito Aoki
Producer : Ao-P
Tomokazu Shimokawa
Ryûhei Matsunaga
co-direction : Jin Tamamura
colors : Haruko Nobori
Story Board : Hiroshi Hara
Character’s conception : Masahiro Komine
Music : Shûji Katayama
Montage : Daishi Endô
Design 3D : Michizô Nakazawa
After Recording French and English by Mas-production
Producer Yann Rosine
Art director Arnauld Rosine
Adaptation English and French by Yapiko-animation
Producer Eddie Mehong
Co-producer Pierre Giner