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EFI Math

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Planning to convert you ride to EFI? Modifying your EFI setup? Adding Turbo or Supercharger?

Look no further this is your App!

This is what this App will do for you and your ride:

* Injector Size Selector.

Need to find the required injector flow rate for your engine? Easy with this App just enter required info and find out!

* Max Injector Supported HP.

Want to know if a set of injectors works for your combo? Fill out the form and find if that set of fuel-injectors support your engine's power level! Fast and easy!

* Fine-Tune with the fuel-pressure regulator.

Sometimes you need to increase your system's fuel pressure to make your fuel- injectors deliver a little extra fuel, or the other way around, you may need to cut out a little fuel off your fuel map.

Find the pressure increase or decrease necessary to achieve that with this App feature!

* Flow Bench Conversion.

Some manufacturers speak different languages and flow rate their products with different flow-bench depression factors. To be able to compare, say two Throttle-Body CFM flow numbers obtained with different flow-bench depression factors, use this calculator and compare parts specs!

* Required CFM.

Calculate your engine's required CFM so you can pick the right throttle-body or carburetor! No more guessing!

* Fuel Pump Selector.

Already know your required fuel-injector flow-rate? What about your fuel pump? Quickly find your required fuel-pump flow rate for your engine with easy calculator and avoid a fuel-starving engine!

* Flow-rate unit converter.

Easily convert from cc/min to lb/hr and back.

* Cold Air Induction.

Get approximate power gains by using cold-air induction! In some cases you can get up to 50 hp (on a V8 engine) by feeding your engine through a professional cold-air kit!

* Using Ethanol Fuel.

Want to use ethanol as fuel in your EFI-Blown race car? No problem! Get your target AFR, required injector flow, required fuel-pump flow and charge temps!

Just as the rest of our Apps this one comes with lifetime free and constant updates!

Forget online calculators! At the track, shop or home this App is ready to help you with your EFI math!

Download now!