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Traxwell is the travelers bookkeeping app of choice. It will continuously keep track of where you have been, which countries you have visited (and how many times), and how far you have traveled in total (in your life, or at least since you installed Traxwell). It also keeps a ranking top list where you can follow "top of the line" travelers from all around the world.

QUESTION 1: How is this achieved without draining the battery in 5 minutes?

ANSWER 1: Traxwell is using an iOS feature called "Monitoring for Significant Location Changes". This feature monitors your movements in an extremely energy efficient way. It is much much more efficient than using the GPS in the way navigation and similar apps do. Therefor you can use this app without endangering your battery lifetime.

QUESTION 2: I'm walking around in my garden but Traxwell doesn't log anything! Is it working?

ANSWER 2: The Traxwell logging is tuned to detect "traveling"-like movements. That means that you have to move at least 500-700 meters. It also won't log anything closer in time than about 5-8 minutes.

QUESTION 3: Is the app running in the background all the time?

ANSWER 3: Sort of, but no! The operating system wakes/starts the app each time a new "significantly changed" position is available. When that happens the app stores the received position and then goes to sleep again.

QUESTION 4: What is it that is shown on the map?

ANSWER 4: On the map in the app you can see which areas you have visited. It doesn't show you every step you have taken but an overview of your movements.

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