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EAB Calculator Instructions

1.Tree Inventory- Enter the number of trees you have for each size DBH listed. DBH is the Diameter of each tree at “Breast Height”. This is the trees diameter at 4 feet to 5 feet off the ground.

2.Removal and Replacement Costs- This is the estimated cost for removal and replacement of the tree. These costs should include all removal costs, stump grinding, replacement soil, mulch and the tree itself. If this is done by the municipality the cost of fuel and employee fully burdened benefits must also be included. We have provided estimates based on real feedback from more than 20 cities. Please place your estimate where it says “My Est.”.

3.Treatment Costs- This is the estimated cost for treatment of the tree. You should first select the frequency of treatment. Municipalities vary whether they wish to treat every two or three years. The maximum protection as identified by the EPA for any treatment is two years but many cities feel that even if a re-infestation occurs in year three it is unlikely to do significant damage.
a.First select how often you will retreat.
b.Next select whether this will be done in-house or by hired personnel by clicking either the in-house or outside button.
c.Finally, use our estimated costs to determine what your costs for treatment will be and place your estimate where it says “My Est.”.
d.The total treatment cost will be automatically calculated and the annual cost will appear at the top of the sheet.

4.Value of Your Current Tree Inventory- Next click on the data you want considered for evaluating the current value of your tree inventory. You may wish to only look at tangible values such as energy costs and storm water runoff cost. You may wish to consider less immediate costs such as clean air and property values or you may want to consider the full value this tree has to you and your property. This information can be verified on