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AbaPlanet is a powerful learning platform for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or other learning difficulties, based on ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) . It allows children and teenagers to practice receptive language exercises and matching exercises to learn 350 basic vocabulary concepts.

AbaPlanet PRO includes an expert system that adapts the level of the exercises to the progress of each pupil, reward activities and a full logging system.

AbaPlanet PRO is the first app that brings together all the elements needed to run full ABA learning sessions autonomously.

***** FEATURES *****

• Receptive language exercises and matching exercises (two core ABA exercises)
• Expert system that adapts each learning session to the pace of learning of each pupil
• A powerful and intuitive editor that allows precise tailoring of each learning lesson
• More than 350 concepts. Each concept includes 4 photographs, 2 illustrations and podcasts with male and female voices
• Token economy
• Rewards or reinforcements are included within the app: a selection of games (drawing boards, bubble popping game, piano and animated farm scenes, etc.), YouTube videos and videos stored locally on the iPad
• Full logging system with the pupil’s activity. Produces reports of each work session with percentages of mistakes made and details on those errors
• More than 30 configuration options to tailor each learning session to each pupil’s abilities
• Support for multiple pupil profiles and ability to password-protect


• AbaPlanet PRO is an educational app for children and teenagers based on the ABA learning method. It is highly recommended for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and children with Special Needs or other learning difficulties.

• AbaPlanet PRO provides educators and therapists a complete educational tool that supports ABA interventions.

• AbaPlanet PRO provides parents an educational and fun tool that can be used as a home reinforcement for ABA interventions or simply to be enjoyed by children in their free time.

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Find more information about AbaPlanet PRO on our website and download the platform manual here: