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Look for letter cards hidden in four rooms (including outdoors) on uMessenger.
Alphabets and characters in a message entered on uMessenger are split to be the letter cards.
Once all the lettercards are found, they are automatically rearranged into the right order and the message appears.

Enter a message for e.g. Father's Day, Mother's Day or birthdays on uMessenger and pass the iPad to the recipient.
The recipient looks for the message by playing the game.

The letter cards are hidden in four places out of: a boy's room, a girl's room, a drawing room, a spring garden, an autumn forest, a room with a wind-bell, a room with a kotatsu (a table covered with a quilt) and a room with presents.
Items are a key, a hammer and a notepad.

The recipient looks for all the letter cards, using the items if necessary.
Hints are given; no need to worry about small children getting stuck.
When entering a message, a brief sub-message can be added.