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ayControl 3 - KNX and more

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ayControl KNX – the modern, cost saving control, visualisation and Automation solution for KNX based smart homes and smart buildings.

ayControl is a complete control solution for KNX* based buildings. It can control lights, doors, window blinds, heating and air conditioning, multimedia devices (TV, HD-recorders, HD-projectors, receivers, …), security systems, SIP/VoIP based video door stations and much more.

Why download and use ayControl 3 KNX?

• Convenience: Control lights, dimmers, blinds etc. with ease
• Atmosphere: Create the perfect mood with the ayControl RGB color control
• Control from anywhere via Wi-Fi or mobile internet (home, office, holidays…)
• Energy savings: Set temperatures + modes for heating and AC
• Safety: Display and control indoor and outdoor cameras from within ayControl
• Security: Speak with visitors at the door and see who's there. (SIP client for door stations integrated)
• Save money: no need for expensive and complicated servers!

• EcoButler: Schedulers, KNX logic, astro clock functions and more.
• EcoButler: easy-to-use home automation using EcoButler
• EcoButler: Send alarm messages via push notifications to recipients.

Our advise: Forget about old-style wall-mounted touch panels. Most of them are running operating systems where you clearly see their origin in the last century, providing low display resolutions an outdated user interfaces. The future is mobile - and it's now! Better see how convenient it is to use iOS and the ayControl KNX app.

• Conveniently store and recall your scene settings with 'easyScenes'
• Connect via Wi-Fi, via 3G, 4G to the smart building (control from home and from afar)
• Proven track record of international ayControl installations (residential, hotel and commercial)

Use ayControl 3 together with standard KNX IP interfaces or KNX IP routers. For configuration tips visit or contact the ayControl support team.

Automate your smart home with an optional add-on component called EcoButler KNX! It’s a cost-efficient alternative to complex and normally very expensive home servers.

With EcoButler, installers and end-users can easily create rules to automate SmartHomes. Examples:
• Every MON, TUE and WED at 7am turn on the light in the corridor.
• 60 minutes after Sunset lower the blinds in the master bedroom.
• Control SONOS volume, play, stop, next etc. via a standard KNX push button or schedule them.
• When the door alarm is triggered, turn on all lights in the building, send a push notification "Attention door ALARM triggered!" to all registered mobile phones and tablets.

Creating such rules is almost as simple as setting the alarm clock on iOS. When the installer has finished the configuration, you do not need any knowledge about the KNX technology behind.

In order to use the EcoButler automation functions, you need the EcoButler server app. However managing creating and editing rules is directly done in the ayControl app. Find more information on

*EIB/KNX is the worldwide standard for home and building control with products from 400 manufacturers like ABB, Busch-Jaeger, Gira, Jung, Merten, MDT, Schneider and many more. It is used by more than 40.000 installers in over 100 countries.