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Data Butler

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
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Get notified instantly when your data signal returns, by your friendly Data Butler. He'll even talk to you for that personal touch!

Imagine the scenario... You've no data signal and you need to send an email, check a website, use FaceTime over 3G or for any other reason. So to avoid constantly watching your device, Data Butler will alert you the moment a data connection becomes available, whether it's cellular or one of your authenticated wifi networks.

Great for when driving and you want to get directions, but you're in a no-data area. Data Butler offers a safe solution.
Ideal for when you're trying to be as discreet as possible by not constantly checking your device for a data signal.

Simply launch Data Butler and he'll immediately start searching for a data signal. Once he's detected one he'll ring his bell to alert you. If you're already connected he'll monitor the situation and inform you accordingly.

So whether you're driving, in a business meeting, trying to be discreet or simply don't want to constantly watch your device, Data Butler is here to serve you!

Data Butler needs to be running in order to perform his duties. He'll dim your screen after 20 seconds of no user activity in order to conserve your battery, simply tap the screen anywhere to return to your previous brightness setting. Data Butler can't determine the quality and strength of your signal as this is reliant on your service provider, however he will only alert you once an true connection is made. Please be aware that if you are driving or moving at speed your connection can fluctuate rapidly.