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Key features:

o Parents want to be sure that their children:
-> Have arrived at school
-> Have left school.
-> Have left school at the wrong time (e.g. during school hours).
o Notify yourself or other people when you arrive or leave a location.
o You leave work at different times and you want to send a message to your spouse when you leave.
o You sleep on the bus on the way to/from work and want to be reminded when you arrive.
o Automatically send SMS notifications as you arrive or leave a location

Automatic SMS sending:

NB To automatically send SMSs requires a 3rd party Web SMS service. You can sign up for this service via a 3rd party provider from inside the app.

Without a web SMS service you will prompted with a ready made SMS or email sending dialog that you only have to confirm to send the message.

How it works:

This app uses Apples Region Monitoring service to detect when you enter or exit regions.

Because the region monitoring uses Apples service, this app *DOES NOT affect your battery life*.


When you have set up your:

o Regions => The places you want to monitor.

o Contacts => The people you want to notify.

o Actions => How you want to notify your contacts (notify yourself, manual email, manual SMS, automatic SMS).

o Triggers => What to do when you enter/exit a region.

You can just leave the app to take care of the rest.

The app will continue to monitor regions even in the background.

When one of your region triggers fires, if the action is manual (e.g. send a manual email), you will receive a notification and then given the option to send the email or cancel it.

If the trigger is an automatic SMS then the SMS will be sent without you needing to do anything.

This option is ideal for parents who want to be sure that their children have arrived at school, or set off home etc.

The triggers can be configured to only fire on certain days or inside or outside certain times.


o Automatically send the parents an SMS if your child leaves school during normal school hours.

o Or when your child arrives home in the evening if you are not at home to check.


In the case where you don't want your child or anyone else to be able to change the settings you can configure a passcode that is required to enter the app.

Try before you buy:

This free version offers all the functionality of the app but for only a single zone, contact etc.
This allows you to try all features of the app.

If you try to add extra regions etc you will be given the option to purchase the unlimited upgrade in-app.