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iPin app is working with the "iPin laser". To buy the laser, please check out our website at

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Product Name:
— Mobile-powered laser presenter for iPhone

Product Descriptions
The ultimate presenter beyond your imagination.
iPin is the last brick of perfecting your iPhone to be a professional laser presenter. It is delicately engineered to be small. So small that it could even hide inside your iPhone without being noticed. It stays with your iPhone and ready for work, always. No more worry of lost and changing batteries.
It’s small. Incredibly small.
Your iPhone is smart enough to cover everything a professional presenter could do, almost; except one little stuff: a laser beam. So, what you really need, is just a laser beam, but nothing else. iPin is made so small that it could even completely sit inside the 3.5mm headphone minijack. Just plugin, your iPhone is immediately equipped with a high brightness 635nm laser beam like its own. Can’t be simpler than that.
Stay plugged in.
Answer the coming calls without pulling out your iPin. No panic. Simply turn 90o to OFF position and talk as usual. The iPin tip is completely redesigned to define ON and OFF position by just 90o turn. Your iPhone will deliver voice to the speaker while iPin is switched to OFF. No miss call. The iPin App reminds you, too.
Seamless discussion and presentation.
Start your meeting with a focus point. The key of an efficient meeting is focus on the discussion. As a presentation speaker, your iPin and the app help you easily control your PowerPoint or Keynote materials through WiFi or Bluetooth*, by simple gestures. Even you are just an attendee of the meeting, the handy iPin laser make your discussion more focused and efficient, too.
WiFi/Bluetooth* connection
Simply connect your iPhone to the PC or Mac that runs your presentation materials by WiFi or Bluetooth*. Done! With iPin, now you take full control on your presentation. (*Bluetooth connection is only recommended in particular cases.)
Gesture Control
Audience is where you should put your eyes on. Forget about buttons on the presenter. iPin app reads your intuitive thumb gestures to flip the pages and shoot the laser beam. Countdown alarm reminds you the time left. All the functions work under lowest backlight setting once the presentation starts. It helps your presentation to be elegantly perfect.
One more thing!
Just one quick move to control the mouse curser while you are in speech. It’s cool! Come discover it.
Changing battery no more.
A dim laser light point not only makes the audience confused, but also annoys you while you’re talking. What a disaster is that you find your presenter in low battery while 1st page of your speech. iPin gives you battery headache free, as long as your iPhone is charged. The power consumption of iPin is as low as playing songs*. (Laser pointer function only. Not including WiFi connection to PC or Mac)
Where is iPin needed?
Business meetings, conferences, classrooms, and wherever a sharing takes place.
With iPin, communications become much easier. Not only the speaker gets help by iPin’s full function app, but also the meeting attendees can response to the presentation contents more accurately. iPin, a little key of mutual understanding.

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